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  • WordPress Powered
  • Google & Mobile Friendly
  • Strategically Crafted
  • Custom Web Designed
  • Custom Development Functionality
  • Premium Technology & Plugins
  • eCommerce Functionality
  • Website Security & Backups
  • Integrated With Analytics
  • Website Optimized

frequently asked questionS

We specialize in WordPress for building websites because of its flexibility, community support system, and easy content management functionality. WordPress websites are also known to have SEO advantages since you have more opportunities for optimization. 

However, we still properly access every project accordingly to ensure there aren’t other technical solutions that would work more efficiently for your success. We don’t recommend WordPress for every client or project, so we’ll help you make the best decision if it’s the right fit for you.

Our website analysis process is a technical review of your current website based on the top SEO factors and best practices for ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing. Giving us access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console will allow us to see even deeper into your website optimization opportunities. Access to these properties is recommended but not required.

The research we provide you is a combination of 1st and 3rd party research. 1st party research on your business resides on internal company information such as form answers, company accounts, company reports, etc. 3rd party research containing the industry and market of the business consists of access to public or paid information. Depending on access to company data, we must rely more on credible 3rd party resources and data.

Most great design systems (i.e., brand identities) form around detailed information and powerful strategy. Our design process starts with building a brand strategy that gives us key factors to support our design decisions backed by your company’s goals. 

We also ask you critical questions that focus on your design preferences. Your answers give us the ability to strategically create your brand identity and other branded designs based on your company’s specific needs. 

Next, we start drafting your designs and giving you online access to private interactive mockups for commenting or revisions. Once designs are final, we have all project assets organized and digitally delivered using Google Drive.

Completing your website within your project’s estimated time frame is our utmost priority. However, unforeseen project changes, multiple revisions, delayed communication, etc., can sometimes cause project delays.

Suppose there is a need for an exact launch date due to pressing matters. In that case, please communicate that with us before starting the project to access the project accordingly for realistic expectations.

Depending on the project’s needs, we develop custom design websites from the ground up or create a tailored design to a pre-built layout. These options give our clients recommended packaged solutions when considering the financial budget, time urgency, needed deliverables, type of site, etc.

We prefer to build websites from scratch if the project permits because it allows us to have greater creative flexibility with your goals and deliver a better user experience to your site visitors.

We’ve built our operations with the power to work in-house with a creative and experienced team for most client projects that we support. However, developing relationships with our partners and network allows us to extend our core solutions and packages easily if the project requires them.

We perform web page optimization during your website development process aligned with SEO best practices. Then we optimize these web page areas: page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, keyword utilization, image text, image sizing, page speed, content structure, internal linking, and more. 

We do not perform traditional SEO when building the site. This process is the ongoing monthly process of optimizing your website for higher rankings in search engines such as Google. However, we can arrange ongoing SEO for a separate project estimate.

Your happiness and final approval of assets are indicators of our excellent customer service. Based on the size of your project, we aim to give you a fair amount of opportunities for content and design changes, edits, or revisions. We calculate this at a standard rate per project.

However, we have fair usage terms that limit excess changes, revisions, or edits to protect us from abuse. We invoice any changes, modifications, or edits that exceed these limitations at an hourly rate stated within the project’s terms.

Many factors go into website security. WordPress core is primarily a secure CMS. However, other factors affect security measures such as poor website hosting, inefficient plugins, outdated technology, and website access vulnerabilities. 

Your choice of website hosting will be the first line of security defense, and we can recommend suggestions based on your needs. We build every website with premium technology using WordPress security best practices to ensure the optimal chance of preventing a security breach. No website is 100% exempt from security threats. So we make sure to have recurring backups set up that allow us to roll back your website before it was compromised.

Our websites are optimized for website accessibility compliance and practice the latest ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for accessible design. We also address this in the Brand Identity phase to prepare the website to meet these visual standards. Our website launch QA report features a website accessibility assessment section that shows you how accessible your website is for disabled site users

You own all assets that we create and deliver to you once you’ve completely paid for your project. You will have limited access to project assets for reviewing and revision purposes. However, as a standard practice, we don’t give ownership rights to the final deliverables until you’ve paid for the project’s total cost.

We invite you to a final launch training session and provide a Website Launch Care Package during your website launch process. Your package includes your website launch QA report, maintenance manual, training materials, and documentation. We also provide separate website training sessions or done-for-you maintenance packages if you need further support and assistance.

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